Managed IT Services of Arizona has released recommendations for system disaster recovery, offering suggestions for ways to improve emergency planning.

Tempe, AZ (PRWEB) October 31, 2015

Managed IT Services is an adjunct to Document Technologies of Arizona that provides IT and value added services for business customers in Arizona. Not only do they provide network, system, and IT support solutions, but also integration and process improvement guidelines that will save money and reduce effort. After the recent flooding in Phoenix, Managed IT Services of Arizona realized that many of their clients are not prepared for disaster and have been putting together a set of guidelines for their clients that will help them not only to prepare but restore in the event of a disaster.

“Despite the fact that Hurricane Patricia did little damage, it could have been so much worse,” says President of Sales, Jason Parks. “We have had the strangest weather this El Nino season and even Arizona is facing flooded areas—something unusual for the region and so unexpected that few were prepared. We can offer tips for prevention and recovery that cost clients nothing really and can save them money in the long run. This is something we do from time to time, and, hopefully, something that our clients see as part of our brand.”

The Disaster Restoration Guide can be downloaded from their website and is free. The document is a simple set of guidelines to help businesses get their footing in the event of disaster. The company often puts out videos and documents that could help their clients save money or time. This recent document was brought about by events in Phoenix and something they feel brings value to their clients.

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Managed IT Services Arizona was formed to assist small to mid-size Arizona-based businesses with their IT needs, providing help desk, development, consulting and other IT services. The company provides support to projects and augments existing teams in order to save the client money and time. Employees provide support and monitoring as well as repair and prevention based services. Visit Managed IT Services of Arizona at

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