Founders of “Tasters Club” Taps the $4 Billion Bacon Industry

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) October 21, 2015

Bacon Buff, the latest endeavor from the founders of the booze membership service Taster’s Club, announced today the launch of the latest in the country’s obsession with bacon. With bacon sales at an all-time high in the United States, Bacon Buff offers a Bacon of the Month Club that brings artisanal bacon from small, US farms directly to the doorsteps of bacon lovers. Each month, subscribers will receive two-pounds of high-quality bacon in additional to original bacon recipes, exclusive offers, and swag such as t-shirts and stickers.

What makes Bacon Buff special:

  • Bacon Buff has relationships with and features truly artisanal bacon makers from across America. Other bacon clubs are started by manufacturers and sell the exact same bacon (their own) every month with slight variations on the rub or curing. Bacon Buff is the only bacon club that offers true variety from an all-star, artisanal list of bacon makers one should absolutely know but probably don’t such as the applewood smoked bacon by Black Pig Meat Company, maple-cured bacon by Denver Bacon Co., heritage pork Prather Ranch bacon, smoked duck bacon by D’Artagnan, among others.
  • Bacon Buff empowers fans to take their bacon to the next level. Members get original bacon recipes every month and plenty of other treats like t-shirts, stickers and other bacon goods.
  • Bacon Buff’s bacon is less unhealthy. Most Bacon notoriously is highly processed and contains lots of weird chemicals. Generally, the more commercial the produce, the more likely it contains additives one don’t need. They specialize in sending out bacon that is completely free or contains far lower-than-average levels of antibiotics, hormones and nitrates.

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Founder Mack McConnell started Bacon Buff because he wants to share his passion for artisanal bacon with the world. “There is so much awesome bacon being made by the Little Guys right now, but it’s not easy to find. I wanted to start a service to feature the small farms and bring their amazing bacon directly to fans. Knowing there is a huge market for this is just an added bonus.”

About Bacon Buff:
Brought to you by the same folks as booze membership service Taster’s Club, Bacon Buff is a Bacon of the Month Club for true bacon enthusiasts. Similar to Taster’s Club, Bacon Buff is a membership service that helps bacon fans go deeper with their passion by featuring high-quality product that isn’t so easy to get your hands on. They specialize in sourcing their bacon from lesser-known, independent bacon manufacturers who make a more pure and high-quality product. Learn more about Bacon Buff by visiting their website:

OFFER FOR READERS: Offer readers a $10 discount off their order with the promo code #BACONLYFE. For custom promo codes reach out to Mack McConnell - mack(at)baconbuff(dot)com

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