Drs. Nancy and Ron Rockey explore the developmental complexities of human attachment and bonding, and offer guidance for establishing emotionally secure, healthy connections.

Alto, New Mexico (PRWEB) October 09, 2015

Undoubtedly, human beings have an innate drive to connect, attach, and belong?although how these needs are expressed is unique to each individual. In their new book, ?Shadows of Belonging,? Drs. Nancy and Ron Rockey explain that attachment develops in the earliest days of each life, and even in the nine months before birth. They examine how this early development is an indicator for the quality, depth, and health of relationships and connections in adulthood.

?Shadows of Belonging? covers the spectrum on the issue of belongingness, from how it is formed, how it continues to develop and grow, and how it manifests within each person?specifically those for whom the early attachment process was corrupted by any number or combination of factors, including lack of parental presence, poor health of the mother during pregnancy, lack of bonding, and a disconnect from God, among others. These issues are discussed in depth, with cited research and the authors? own expertise, training, and education successfully supporting their perspectives.

The authors make a sound case for the importance of nurturing, bonding, cuddling and affection, family presence, positive communication, and basic care?during infancy and gestation?as necessary components of developing healthy ways of relating, engaging, and connecting emotionally throughout life. ?We attach during the first two years of life and the nine months in the womb,? say the authors. ?We all have different people in our lives during that time, and therefore we can be vastly different from each other. But still, so many people have difficulty in relationships. The ultimate desire is to move from an unhealthy attachment style to a secure one.?

Fully exploring the insidious traits that emerge in those who did not develop healthy attachments early in life, and offering several chapters that reveal the belief systems and positive thought processes that increase the quality of love, belonging, and closeness with others, ?Shadows of Belonging? is a powerful statement about human emotional connection. The authors have experienced their own personal struggles with attachment, which has motivated them to help others.

?We were motivated by our own lives and our own transformations,? say the authors. ?We want others to heal from their difficult beginnings and improve their relationships, which will enrich their daily lives.?

?Shadows of Belonging? is published in eBook format by eBookIt.com and is now available at popular online retailers including Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com, and Apple?s iBookstore.

Review copies of ?Shadows of Belonging? are available to media contacts upon request. Nancy and Rock Rockey are available for interviews.

Nancy and Ron Rockey
Rockeys (at) itsfixable (dot) com

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About the Authors
Ron and Nancy Rockey are a vibrant team who teach from personal experience as well as advanced education. After a number of professional years, both returned to graduate school in an attempt to understand themselves, and learn principles of life that would benefit others as well. Sound science and psychology that match their spiritual principles, give listeners a varied combination of sound information. Learning what makes people tick, why relationships experience success or failure, or are helpful or hurting, gives listeners tools for personal change.

Ron and Nancy believe that if a person is willing to ?examine self" recognizing the baggage they carry from previous generations, and work through residual issues, their relationships with family, friends and co-workers can become delightful and enriching. They have taught conferences internationally and have authored eight books and three recovery programs

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