VFT Solutions, Leveraged its Proprietary A-II Analytic Engagement Technology to Rapidly and Cost-Effectively Resolve its Client’s Distribution Chain Leak, Without the Need for Prolonged Litigation or Public Disagreement.

Ellenville, NY (PRWEB) October 13, 2015

VFT Solutions, Inc. a leading firm that enables businesses to capitalize on their piracy losses, has published a new case study illustrating the company’s unique and highly effective “bottom up” technology and approach for combating distribution chain diversion and grey markets.

The case study focuses on a US-based medical company, which discovered that its products marked “Export Only” were being diverted into the US and sold at heavily reduced rates in brick and mortar retail stores, as well as major online marketplaces. However, despite the untenable disruption of its distribution chain, given the global nature of the markets involved the company realized that it did not have the resources to investigate.

To that end, the company engaged VFT Solutions, which leveraged its proprietary A-II analytic engagement technology to create a “Straw Site,” complete with physical mailing address and all of the other elements and details of a legitimate, established import/export business.

Acting through the proprietary technology contained in its Straw Site, VFT Solutions proceeded to reach out the aggrieved medical company’s international distributors, and inquired about their willingness to breach the territory restrictions in their distribution agreements. While nearly all of the distributors balked at or ignored the attempted engagement, one distributor operating overseas responded affirmatively -- and was therefore exposed as the source of the distribution chain leak.

Ultimately, based on the incontrovertible evidence collected by VFT Solutions, the medical company opted to terminate its agreement with the rogue distributor. This brought a rapid close to the matter, without the need for expensive or prolonged litigation, or public disagreement. In addition, the medical company requested that VFT Solutions continue operating the Straw Site as a tool to actively test and passively monitor the integrity of their global distribution chain.

“The traditional, top-down anti-piracy approach is too narrowly focused on the detection, pursuit, removal, and apprehension of suppliers of illegal content, goods, or services. This approach is costly and time-intensive, and rarely disrupts how illegal goods and services are consumed,” commented Wayne Lonstein, Esq., the CEO of VFT Solutions. “However, as is vividly illustrated by our new case study, our unique technology attacks fraud from the bottom up, and allows us to serve as a force multiplier that enables our clients to shut down pirates without incurring the expense of dispatching investigators all over the world, facing significant cultural and language barriers, or involving themselves in very costly litigation that has virtually no chance of being resolved in a practical, enforceable and cost-effective manner.”

VFT Solutions’ new case study, which includes additional details on the investigation and results, is available on the “News & Articles” section of the company’s website at http://www.vft-solutions.com/news-and-articles.

For additional information or media inquiries, contact: Wayne Lonstein, CEO, VFT Solutions, Inc., at 844-483-8765, info(at)vft-solutions(dot)com, or visit http://www.vft-solutions.com.

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