PremierPoint Solutions will host a webinar Oct. 14 at 3 p.m. EDT that demonstrates a SharePoint add-on which connects an organization’s business data and its SharePoint taxonomy.

Nashville, Tenn. (PRWEB) October 12, 2015

“Connecting SharePoint's Managed Metadata Term Store with External Business Data,” a free one-hour webinar held Oct. 14 at 3 p.m. EDT, will demonstrate a SharePoint added-on called Managed Metadata Term Store Sync (Term Sync), which connects an organization’s business data and its SharePoint taxonomy.

Microsoft didn’t provide a connection between its data import tool and the Managed Metadata feature of SharePoint, which means that a company’s business data and its SharePoint taxonomy can’t “talk” to each other. Term Sync provides the “missing link” to make this connection possible.

Whether a business has to synchronize names, update internal information such as customer data, or simply standardize terminology so that everyone is on the same page, Term Sync makes those connections possible.

The result is that users are provided with more meaningful search results and more efficient findability. The product also supports synchronization of hierarchical term sets, a feature many organizations find indispensable.

Jeff Cate, president of PremierPoint Solutions, will host the webinar and guide attendees through a presentation and demonstration.

“Term Sync is the only way to get your business data into the Managed Metadata Term Store to use for tagging, and it syncs and updates that data in SharePoint automatically,” Cate said.

Microsoft has made “tagging” using “terms” easy to do in SharePoint through its Managed Metadata feature, and the Managed Metadata Term Store, so that related documents and list items can be organized and easily found.

Without Term Sync, SharePoint’s Business Connectivity Services (BCS) will allow users to import external data important to their business into SharePoint, but it does not provide a way to get that data into one’s Term Store, from which it can be used to tag documents and list items in SharePoint.

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The Term Sync add-on enables users to:

  • Import terms from their line-of-business systems and use them to tag documents, list items and pages in SharePoint
  • Enable synchronization to be done automatically on a schedule or manually on demand
  • Keep the imported terms in sync with their business data so that new terms are created automatically and existing terms are updated when the business data changes
  • Synchronize hierarchical term sets

Term Sync installs and is deployed as a SharePoint 2010 or 2013 farm solution. It is sold under two licensing options. Under the first licensing option, Term Sync is licensed by three-pack of Sync Points. Under the second (Enterprise) option, Sync Points are unlimited. (A Sync Point is a logical location within a term store where external data is synced to create and update terms based on the business data.)

Based in Nashville, Tenn., PremierPoint Solutions is a Microsoft Certified Partner and a nationwide leader in expert-led, in-person and online public classes on SharePoint products and technologies. The company’s software division professionally develops high-quality commercial add-ons for SharePoint.

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