ALCIE Integrated Solutions Inc. (AIS), a provider of ERP software and Oracle-based business solutions, announces a new product release: ALCIE Enterprise Payroll Suite. ALCIE Enterprise Payroll Suite is an on-premise software solution that enables businesses to efficiently administer payroll and manage costs.

Montreal, Quebec (PRWEB) October 28, 2015

ALCIE Integrated Solutions Inc. (AIS) announces a new product release – ALCIE Payroll Suite – an on-premise software solution that enables businesses to re-gain control of payroll administration and manage the associated costs.

Adding to AIS’s portfolio of software offerings, ALCIE Payroll Suite ( is fully integrated with all ALCIE Editions, and is available as a standalone application as well.

ALCIE Payroll Suite enables organizations to efficiently administer payroll. Companies looking to implement solutions that can simultaneously, and seamlessly, perform automated payroll processing for both Salary employees (using standard work hours) and Hourly employees (using time sheets) can rely on ALCIE Payroll Suite for their needs.

“Running payroll on premise enables businesses to manage costs by maintaining control of payroll administration,” says Frank Zanfino, Director of Operations at AIS. “Using an external payroll service relinquishes control to the outsourced company and can result in increased, and sometimes escalating, costs. ALCIE offers a solution for those who seek to regain that control.”

Businesses that benefit most from an on-premise ALCIE Payroll Suite solution have one or more of the following requirements:

  •     Process payroll for multiple companies or legal entities;
  •     Process payroll across multiple States (or Provinces);
  •     Run payroll for a variety of pay frequencies (e.g. bi-weekly, weekly, daily, etc.);
  •     Calculate payroll for employees working in multiple departments, positions, pay grades and/or pay rates within the same pay period;
  •     Produce any number of paychecks in the same pay period per employee;
  •     Retain a complete and unlimited history of payroll transactions;
  •     Attach documents, spreadsheets and images that may be pertinent to any facet of payroll processing (e.g. employee withholding exemption certificate, employee timesheets, special earnings and/or deductions, etc.).

Additional information on the features of ALCIE Enterprise Payroll Suite, as well as the full range of ALCIE software solutions, can be obtained by contacting AIS or visiting the website

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About ALCIE Integrated Solutions Inc.
ALCIE Integrated Solutions (AIS) is the owner and developer of the unified family of ALCIE business applications software. AIS’s mission is to create and deliver best-fit, cost-effective and scalable solutions to meet the business requirements of growth-oriented enterprises.

ALCIE has been developed, installed and supported as off-the-shelf and custom business applications in North America for more than 25 years.

ALCIE business applications software distinguishes itself as an affordable, truly integrated and scalable option for a variety of industries and sectors. ALCIE applications are built on robust and dependable Oracle technology.

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