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Paragon Software Helps Home and Business Users Handle Storage Chores With Drive Copy 14 and Partition Manager 14

Support for UEFI, All Types of Migration (P2V, P2P, V2P, V2V), and Windows 8.1— Plus More Efficient Backup ImagingTechnology to Virtual Containers.

Freiburg, Germany (PRWEB UK) 17 December 2013

Paragon Software Group (PSG), a leader in data backup, disaster recovery, and data migration solutions, announces the release of Paragon Partition Manager 14 Home, Paragon Partition Manager 14 Professional and Paragon Drive Copy 14 Professional – the most essential, Windows 8.1-compatible tools to assist PC users and IT enthusiasts to perform drive partitioning of any complexity as well as data or system migration and virtualization fast and safely. PM 14 and DC 14 provide full support for UEFI configurations in Windows and Recovery Environments.

Despite all UEFI’s advantages, it has problems dealing with some commonplace operations. For instance, connecting a bootable device to a different SATA port might prevent Windows starting up. The same issue might arise if the user tries to boot from a cloned system hard disk or from a restored hard disk. Microsoft provides how-to guides to tackle these problems, but they demand a great deal of experience from the user, and involve using the cmd, diskpart and bcdedit tools. Paragon’s advanced UEFI support solves booting problems that arise during migration or restoration from an old to a new hard disk due to a change in port connection. All necessary changes to Windows Boot Manager will be made, and the system will reboot without any manual intervention.

Paragon Partition Manager 14 is the fastest and most reliable partitioning software available on the market to easily handle all PC data partitioning tasks. All operations are alignment aware and can be performed on SSD or AFD of any capacity. Expanded split and merge functions allow users to allocate specific files and folders to new partitions before performing the operation, enabling a more flexible modification of the partition layout. PM 14 includes Paragon Connect VD – Paragon’s proprietary technology for direct partitioning of virtual hard drives.

Drive Copy 14 Professional guarantees the most capable and flexible computer copying or migration of any software and hardware combination to any physical drive or virtual environment. P2V Adjust functionality makes migration flexible and applicable for any complex virtualization task. The software may also be used as a cloning tool for making an up-to-date HDD clone any time it is needed.

In PM14 and DC14, Paragon introduces the pVHD (Paragon Virtual Hard Drive) format – a special technology, optimized for storing backups of virtual and physical machines. pVHD is very efficient in handling incremental chains, data de-duplication and synchronization. pVHD allows backups to be as little as one-quarter of the size of the original objects. Backup images can be stored in either the old PBF format or the new pVHD.

New and Key Features in Partition Manager 14 and Drive Copy 14:
Windows 8.1 Support and New User-friendly Interface fully compatible with the Windows 8 streamlined, tile-oriented interface.
Complete UEFI Support

  •     A 64-bit Windows system configured to the UEFI boot mode can be adjusted to successfully start up on another hard disk during a copy/restore while running under Windows. Previously the UEFI fixup was only available under WinPE
  •     A 64-bit Windows system configured to the UEFI boot mode will successfully start up in a virtual environment after P2V migration
  •     The Linux-based recovery environment supports systems configured to the UEFI boot mode
Enhanced Backup Format is a new backup technology that achieves easy support of any type of virtual container (VMDK, VHD, etc). Backup and recovery to and from the pVHD format is supported by wizards in Linux, Windows and WinPE.
Windows Storage Spaces Support

Key Differentiators of DC 14 Professional Include:

Copy/Restore to Dissimilar Sector Size allows for automatic copying or restoration between a 512-byte hard disk and a 4k hard disk, or other dissimilar combinations.

Full range of copying operations: copy a full hard disk or a separate partition, and resize a partition while copying

Migrate OS to SSD: move any Windows OS since XP from a regular hard disk to a fast SSD (Solid State Drive) even of a smaller capacity

Updated File Exclude for Copy HDD: when copying a partition or a complete hard drive to a new device, the user can exclude any data from the copy process

Updated Migrate OS to dissimilar hardware: migrate existing systems and make them bootable in a new hardware environment

Key Differentiators of PM 14 Include:
Split partitions: Separate the OS and data, or different types of data by splitting one partition into two different partitions of the same type and file system
Merge partitions: Consolidate disk space from two adjacent partitions (NTFS, FAT16/FAT32) into a single, larger partition
Redistribute Free Space: Increase free space on one partition by utilizing the unallocated on-disk space and the unused space of other partitions
HFS file systems conversion: Convert any version of NTFS file system to Apple HFS+ and vice versa without reformatting
Boot Manager: Easily manage several operating systems on one computer
GPT Loader: Data storage support of GPT drives and modern high-capacity disks (2.2 TB+) under Windows XP

Pricing & Availability:
Paragon Drive Copy 14 Professional is available for $US39.95 at
Paragon Partition Manager 14 Home is available for $US39.95 via download from
Paragon Partition Manager 14 Professional is available for $US79.95 via download from

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