Confirm BioSciences Inc. announced today the availability of Petconfirm™ Pet Health and Wellness Home Products at

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) October 14, 2015

Confirm BioSciences Inc. announced today the availability of Petconfirm™ Pet Health and Wellness Home Testing Kits for Dogs and Cats at

The product line includes; PetConfirm™ Urinary Tract Infection Home Tests (UTI) for dogs and cats, PetConfirm™ Wellness Test for dogs and cats as well as PetConfirm™ DNA Dog Breed Test Kit.

The PetConfirm™ Urinary Tract Infection Home Test (UTI) , the first at home UTI Test for cats and dogs detects parameters such as blood, leukocytes (also known as white blood cells), and Nitrite, which are indicators of urinary tract pathology. A positive result will require veterinary care.

The PetConfirm™ Wellness Test is a unique screening device adapted for home-use. Unlike conventional test strips that can expose users to the chemical reagents, the PetConfirm™ system is fully enclosed and offers a very safe, easy and clean handling for pet parents eager to take charge of their pets’ healthcare. Results are obtained in minutes after administering the tests.

Urinary Tract Infection, is usually caused by intestinal or environmental bacteria that enter and ascend the urethra, ultimately proliferating in the urinary bladder.

The following symptoms of UTI in Dogs and Cats can be observed:

  •     Frequent urination
  •     Straining or crying out in pain when trying to pass urine
  •     Inappropriate urination in places that are not customary
  •     Urine has strong odor
  •     Vomiting

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However, some affected pets might show no clinical signs, and if the infection is not detected early, it can spread to the kidney and lead to more serious health conditions requiring surgery.

“Most people see their pets as members of their family and care for them as their own children. Pet parents are very conscientious about their pets’ healthcare, and a home-test is a great tool for them to quickly screen for common health issues, in addition to regular check-up visits at the vet. ” Said Phuong Nguyen, Chief Scientific Officer.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to offer the UTI tests for testing your dogs and cat at home.” Said Zeynep Ilgaz, CEO and President on Confirm BioSciences Inc. “We are committed to helping communities and now pets live healthier and happier lives through our innovative testing solutions” she continued.

If your dog suddenly starts acting as if she has pain when trying to urinate or is having accidents in the house when normally she doesn’t, then one possible cause could be a UTI. Statistics report that about 14% of dogs will get a UTI in their lifetime. This presents a major concern for your pet, as there is consistently a 10% chance that some of the health issues that your dog will face will be related to a Urinary Tract Infection.

About Confirm BioSciences
Confirm BioSciences Inc. is a global leader in the field of Human Substance Abuse Screening Test Kits and Animal Health Testing Products and Services.

Other proprietary test products from Confirm BioSciences include HairConfirm® Hair Drug Test Kit, DrugConfirm™ Premium Urine Drug Screening and SalivaConfirm™ Oral Fluid Drug Test Kit, which are intended for health and substance abuse screening using bodily fluids. Visit Confirm BioSciences Animal Wellness section for more information about PetConfirm products.

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