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Scar-Less Breast Reduction Procedure Now Available in Texas

Dr. James Schlotter of Finesse Surgical is one of very few doctors in Texas that is trained and offering Scar-less breast reduction versus traditional breast reduction surgery within the state of Texas.

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) December 16, 2013

Dr. James Schlotter offers an alternative procedure to traditional surgical breast reduction called 'Scar-less breast reduction'. Dr. Schlotter was trained by Dr. Jeffrey Klein in 2007 to do liposuction and the Scar-Less Breast Reduction procedure. Dr. Schlotter uses Tickle Lipo because it goes through the breast tissue very easily. The traditional breast reduction is a big operation. Through a large, T-shaped scar across the bottom of the breast, the surgeon resects (cuts out) the breast and fatty tissue. The nipple complex is removed and repositioned to the front facing position. This is a reduction mammoplasty and mastopexy. This surgery requires a general anesthetic and leaves large scars; it may result in mammogram abnormalities and diminished nipple sensation. The recovery is significant.

Dr. Schlotter believes the advantages of the Scar-Less breast reduction are:
1) The procedure takes place in the office using local anesthetic
2) When completed, someone can drive the patient home
3) The nipple sensation is maintained
4) There is minimal mammographic distortion
5) The ability to breast feed is maintained
6) Reduction is 20-50% of the breast volume
7)The typical patient is sore but can return to work and normal social activity within two to three days after surgery
8) Minimal risks of postoperative complications
9) Patient’s require very little post operative narcotic pain medications. Most use only Ibuprofen
10) It is cost efficient because the patient does not have to go to a surgery center

"A typical day for a patient desiring Scar-Less breast reduction begins when they arrive at our surgical clinic at 8:30 am. The patient is taken back by our nurse to take her vital signs, placed in a gown, and pre-operative photos are taken. Each patient’s breast has already been measured for volume during their pre-operative physical. The patient is then taken to our surgical suite where I begin marking the breast to plan the placement of the surgical adits. An IV access is placed for emergencies only. Then the patient lays on the table and is comfortably positioned for the surgery. The surgical area is sterilely prepped and then the surgery begins. I then begin the injections to numb the breast. This feels like little bee stings and the process can take up to 1 hour per breast. Once the anesthetic is completely injected the patient is allowed to get up from the table to use the restroom and to have lunch and something to drink. During this period the patient is “de-tumescing” (the anesthetic in filtering through all the nerves). Then the second half begins and the patient is then re-prepped and draped. Then I begin the liposuction of the breast. I insert cannulas for the liposuction thru small holes or adits 2-4 mm in size. I typically make 5-6 small adits on each breast which are hidden in the bra outline. The fat is removed strategically to allow a natural reduction in the breast. Depending on the size of the breast this can take up to one hour per breast to remove the fat. The holes (or adits) are left partially open to allow fluid to drain. These adits heal over in 2-3 weeks. The patient is then allowed to sit up, is placed in a compression garment. The patient then gets dressed to go home usually around 2-3 PM. We see the new contour and the reduction of fat right after surgery. The area will then begin to swell and it requires some weeks to really appreciate the final results. The breast will retract to a smaller version of it’s self over the next few weeks with final results in 3-6 months," Dr Schlotter states.

Contact Finesse Surgical for more info on the Scar-less breast reduction procedure.

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