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Search Realty Announces "All You Can Eat Leads" and Splits Over 100% Commission

Search Realty is a real estate company on the lookout for the best REALTORS® to join their team.

Mississauga, Ontario (PRWEB) December 27, 2013

Search Realty is a real estate company utilizing the best tools and technology to serve the needs of today’s home buyers, sellers and REALTORS®. With over 100+ websites and growing, Search Realty is always on the lookout for top REALTORS® to join their team.

Search Realty isn’t in the business of price negotiations or commission cutting, but rather it specializes in online marketing and providing its agents with the latest tools and technology to help them reach and go beyond their career goals.

Search Realty understands that every REALTOR® needs to eat and is well aware of the obstacles faced by real estate agents today, which is why Search Realty has taken the much needed step and changed the game for real estate agents everywhere, by offering “All You Can Eat Leads”, as well as an Agent Plan for Every Budget.

Search Realty is well aware of the competition to generate leads amongst real estate agents. That is why Search Realty wants to make the lives of real estate agents easier by offering “All You Can Eat Leads” for only $99 a month. This allows real estate agents to stop competing for leads and start focusing on what matters, which is the customer.

“All You Can Eat Leads” works as follows. First, the real estate agent selects a plan, and Search Realty offers a Plan for Every Budget. For the next step, Search Realty does all the work, by sending leads to the real estate agent (as many as they can handle) using Search Realty’s proprietary CRM. This proprietary CRM allows the real estate agent to see when they are falling behind on calls and also monitor their leads and progress. Basically, as long as the real estate agent stays on top of their calls, they will continue to be fed more and more leads. Alternatively, if the real estate agent is behind on calls, the CRM will identify that the agent is “stuffed” and therefore cannot handle anymore leads, and at this point, the agent will receive no more leads until they are all caught up with their calls.

“All You Can Eat Leads” aren’t the only benefit offered by Search Realty. Search Realty is the first real estate brokerage to offer Splits Over 100% Commission in combination with its recruiting program. The Agent Plans work for any and every budget. The way it works is that the real estate agent chooses a plan according to their budget, and for every 5 deals, their split increases by 10% until a max of a 95/5 split is reached. If the agent is able to recruit other agents to Search Realty, they will gain a 1% equity in their split. E.g. If the agent is on a 95/5 split and recruits 6 agents, their split will then go to 101% commission split, something no other real estate brokerage offers.

“All You Can Eat Leads” and Splits Over 100% Commission aren’t the only factors that separate Search Realty from other real estate brokerages. Search Realty possesses a proprietary CRM that tracks and monitors production which has been said to be revolutionary. Search Realty also offers weekly training, scripts, buyer & listing presentations proven to close, and the latest technology to its agents, ensuring that Search Realty agents are always given an upper hand in the real estate market, allowing them to not only boost their careers, but make more money at the same time.

Search Realty wants to give its customers a better way to buy, sell, and finance homes. And Search Realty understands the key to doing this is focusing on the real estate agent, the driving force behind every home bought and every home sold.

If a real estate agent is interested in taking their career to the next level, then Search Realty is ready to offer a helping hand and provide that agent with the tools needed to make the most of their opportunities.

Search Realty believes in integrity, accountability and high professional and ethical standards. It is committed to providing the best possible experience for its agents and best results for its customers. The goal is simple: To provide a level of service that meets and always exceeds expectations.

Search Realty isn’t simply about selling real estate, but more about the art of realty, and with the right team of agents, Search Realty knows that it can master that art.

To learn more, go to or contact Search Realty today to book a private interview or to join an information session.

About Search Realty

Search Realty Corp.,Brokerage is a real estate company utilizing the best tools and technology to serve the needs of today’s Home Buyers, Sellers and REALTORS®. Search Realty Corp. has quickly grown to 100+ websites, over 15,000 Unique Visitors per month and 135,000 Page Views per month.

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