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Tightening the Screws on Radical Spine Surgeries: Patients Are Looking for a Better Way

Patients speak up about Atlantic Spine Center's advanced technology and same day spine surgery.

West Orange, NJ (PRWEB) October 18, 2013

Kimberly Chatlos broke her spine carrying her sick mother from bed. She suffered an excruciating amount of pain and turned to Atlantic Spine Center for help. With the advancements in technology and the extreme precision of endoscopy surgery performed by the qualified doctors at Atlantic Spine Center, same day fusion surgery has become a popular alternative to traditional open fusion surgery. It was the relief Chatlos had been seeking for a very long time.

After a year of epidurals and intense pain, Kimberly Chatlos contacted Dr. Frazier at Atlantic Spine Center. After a complete review of her back, Kimberly received a spinal fusion surgery, which resulted in Kimberly being able to walk and exercise again nearly immediately after her procedure.

"I was lucky to find Dr. Frazier," said Kimberly Chatlos, a patient of Atlantic Spine Center. "He saved my life. I feel terrific."

Since endoscopic surgery has become more advanced in the last few years. It is a less invasive surgery that involves a much smaller incision and therefore creates less trauma and blood loss than conventionally offered with more radical procedures. Other benefits of same day fusion are a lower infection rate, earlier ambulation post operatively, and a faster recovery.

Atlantic Spine Center believes in surgery procedures that allow doctors to utilize endoscopic technology, like fusion surgery, discectomy, and SI Joint Fusion or iFuse Implant System. SI joint fusion is performed for sacroiliac joint conditions and degenerative sacroiliitis, which is usually caused by arthritis, injury or infection. At the Atlantic Spine Center these endoscopic techniques allow for less invasive procedures. Patients are looking for a better way to heal from back pain and understand the value in a same day fusion because of a minimally invasive surgical opening. For instance, the iFuse system creates stabilization with the use of three titanium implants that are inserted across the SI joint. Minimally invasive sacroiliac joint surgery is preferred by patients who can’t afford to take months off from work or risk prolonged downtime.

Doctors have to stay on top of technology so patients have the best care possible and the speediest recovery. With numerous progressive surgery options available at Atlantic Spine Center, patients who have sought pain relief for years, but have been too scared to commit because of the slow healing time of traditional open back surgery, are now realizing they have more solutions for pain relief. Smaller incisions mean healing more quickly and getting back to life much sooner. Some patients are walking immediately after surgery. Patients like Kimberly Chatlos, can appreciate the progressive endoscopic procedures offered by the top physicians at Atlantic Spine Center

“The doctors at Atlantic Spine Center are committed to constantly evolving their skill-set with ever-advancing technology like iFuse,” said Dr. Kaixuan Liu, MD, Chief Surgeon of Atlantic Spine Center located in New Jersey. “We offer our patients a customized approach to their treatment programs, which include minimally invasive procedures.”

Today, extreme open back surgeries are becoming a thing of the past. Of course, there are exceptions, but with technology like iFuse breaching a whole new wave of surgical opportunities, patients are realizing that minimally invasive surgery options are the way of the future.

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