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Protecting your money while traveling

To travel wisely, carry more than just a

To travel wisely, carry more than just a passport: bring along lots of caution and consider insurance

While you’re all set to let your hair down when you hit the road for that summer vacay, do keep your wits about you when it comes to your wallet. Remember, tourists are targets.

Here’s how to protect your money when traveling.

  • Be discreet

“When sightseeing, disguise cash, credit cards and valuables in unassuming places. Don’t keep your cash or credit cards in the front pocket of your backpack, in a wallet stashed in your back pocket, or a fanny pack. Instead, keep them in a small baggie, enclosed within another bag, stored at the bottom of your backpack, or carry cash and payment information in a lanyard hidden under your shirt,” says Malaika Nicholas, community manager for Dashlane, a Manhattan provider of password management and digital wallet services.

  • Consider insurance

“Travel protection emergency assistance services help travelers navigate issues while abroad. It doesn’t reimburse for lost cash, but offers assistance for a lost wallet or passport — even getting a cash advance transfer if necessary,” says Beth Godlin, president of Aon Affinity Travel Practice in Garden City.

  • Be wary of public internet connections

Often hotels offer free Wi-Fi in their common areas, but these aren’t necessarily properly secured, leaving you open to identity theft, if you’re using your phone or computer to engage in any financial transactions, or anything with private information and passwords.

“If you must do more sensitive transactions using public connections, make sure they are secured (https:// instead of http:// — the ‘s’ stands for secure, where the data used is being encrypted for protection),” says Justin Lavelle, chief communications officer of online background check platform BeenVerified in Manhattan.

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