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Sayville retailer urges deep frying

A Presto deep fryer

A Presto deep fryer

The Deep Fryer Depot, a Sayville-based online retailer of countertop, stovetop and outdoor propane deep fryers, traces her culinary roots in a Friday post on the company website.

"…My pop was a griller, so I once was under the impression that the grill was a man's domain. Fire, meat, smoke, stabby, prongy, pokey things," Depot owner Jenifer S. Whelan wrote online.

The website sells dozens of cooking devices, including a line of Bayou Classic stovetops, barbecue smokers and cast iron Dutch ovens.

"Boy was I wrong. I got started outdoor cooking, and now you can't stop me. Not only do I have a grill, I have a BBQ smoker & an outdoor propane deep fryer."

Whelan says fryers are good for more than just french fries and chicken (or whole turkeys).
"…You can literally deep-fry anything your imagination can come up with -- from poultry and savory dishes to doughnuts and candy bars."

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