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Scoring high on social media

Tom Whitby

Tom Whitby

Today we point to several Long Islanders with high Klout scores. As discussed in the article, Klout and other measures of social media influence are interesting new ways to reflect a person’s effectiveness in the  social media space.

Yes, the scores can be ego boosts and appeal to our competitive natures, but they also serve as learning tools to help people develop best practices and measure their own progress.

Still, don’t think that everyone with high scores gets offers for perks and specials. Tom Whitby, adjunct education professor at St. Joseph's College and founder of #Edchat, reports no such freebies. Same with Sueanne Shirzay, jewelry-business owner and founder of Killer Social consulting firm. (Though, with a wink, she does say she’s planning to tweet more about chocolate and will let us know what comes of it.)

Also, with such scoring tools at so early a stage, Amy Vernon, new media strategist, known on Twitter as @amyvernon, reports that people have ways of gaming the system.

It’s becoming increasingly important for professionals to monitor their online reputations, says Chandlee Bryan, @chandlee, co-author of “The Twitter Job Search Guide” But don’t let yourself lapse into “social media anxiety,” worrying, “am I relevant enough?”

“All tools aside,” she says, at the end of the day, “the ultimate indicator is how many people return you calls.”

Do you know of other Long Islanders with Klout scores in the mid-50s and up? Please let us know.

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