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Schumer proposes law to remove unsafe rental cars

Car rental insurance coverage is worth investigating before

Car rental insurance coverage is worth investigating before you pick up the car. Sometimes it's necessary, sometimes not. (Undated) Credit: iStock

Some of the 183 car rental agencies on Long Island and in New York City may have unsafe vehicles – including models recalled by manufacturers that could put renters in danger, Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) says.

Schumer said Wednesday that he has introduced legislation requiring rental companies to pull recalled or otherwise defective vehicles. 

He’s calling the legislation the “Safe Rental Car Act.”

Schumer says there’s a “dangerous loophole” in federal law allowing dealers to rent out cars that are unlawful to sell. 

The senator’s news release is titled, “Schumer Bill Would Keep Dangerous Cars Grounded Across New York.” The legislation would affect another 177 car rental agency offices in upstate New York, and hundreds more in the rest of the nation. 

“In light of data that shows rental car companies are continuing to rent recalled cars before they have fixed the safety problem, Senator Schumer will introduce the Safe Rental Car Act that closes a dangerous loophole,” his office said.

“Under current law, any car under a recall notice cannot be sold by an auto dealer until the safety issue has been resolved, but that same restriction does not apply to rental car companies, which are currently allowed to rent cars under recall before the relevant safety issue has been addressed.”

Schumer’s news release mentions “two sisters from California were tragically killed when their rented PT Cruiser caught fire and crashed as a result of a safety defect subject to a recall.”

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