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Some apps to enjoy simulated sports amid virus suspensions

This extremely popular NBA simulation allows you to

This extremely popular NBA simulation allows you to build a team and take the court in virtual versions of real NBA arenas with real NBA players, whose performance is based on their skills.  Credit: Newsday/2K

The baseball season has been delayed, the NBA and the NHL have suspended play, and several major golf tournaments have been canceled or postponed because of coronavirus. These sports simulation apps aren’t a substitute for the real thing, but they will deliver real diversions.

NBA 2K20

(iOS, Android; $5.99)

This extremely popular NBA simulation allows you to build a team and take the court in virtual versions of real NBA arenas with real NBA players, whose performance is based on their skills. There are several alternative game modes, including the new Run the Streets, where you compete in 3-on-3 schoolyard-type games. Want to watch virtual NBA games? The Phoenix Suns are using NBA 2K20 to simulate postponed games and stream the action on Twitch.

WGT Golf

(iOS, Android; free)

The Masters along with several men’s and LPGA tournaments have been postponed, but it’s always tee-time with this excellent golf simulator. Use single-player mode or compete live against friends no matter where they are. And make sure you have the right clubs in your bag – the game is that realistic. WGT Golf includes several beautifully rendered courses where you can play, including Bethpage Black.

MLB 9 Innings 20

(iOS, Android; free)

The 2020 version of the popular mobile baseball sim lets you put together teams with real players from all 30 teams (the game is officially licensed by MLB). The game features realistically rendered stadiums and graphics as well as a nicely done play-by-play and commentary audio. There are several game modes, including being able to challenge other MLB 9 Innings players anywhere in the world.

(iOS, Android; free)

While fans of the Islanders and Rangers wait for the NHL season to restart, this hockey sim puts you both behind the bench as coach and in the general manager’s office. The goal is to build a winning franchise by choosing the right roster and then molding the players into winners by implementing the best hockey strategies, including putting players on the right lines.

Facebook posts could predict ER visits

Facebook users have fewer postings with lingo like “lol” and smiley-face emojis and switch to more formal language with details of physical pain shortly before they go to a hospital’s emergency room, according to a Stony Brook University study. Researchers said social media may be “an unseen signal of medical distress,” and could explain “contexts in which patients seek care,” especially during emergencies such as the coronavirus pandemic.


Broadcom sues Netflix

Broadcom — the company that bought Islandia-based CA Technologies in 2018 — is suing Netflix. Broadcom, which makes semiconductors for cable set-top boxes, alleges Netflix infringed on patents and uses patented Broadcom technology for video playback and transmission in streaming. In the lawsuit, Broadcom claims the infringement led to more cord-cutting by cable subscribers, “substantially reducing Broadcom’s set-top box business.” -- PETER KING

Uber, Lyft drivers say income “cratering”

As coronavirus spreads, Uber and Lyft are working on ways to address challenges facing drivers, including creating “safe earning opportunities,” such as delivering food. Demand for food-delivery services has spiked as millions stay home and restaurants on Long Island and elsewhere close their dining rooms. In a new survey by ride-hailing blog Rideshare Guy, Uber and Lyft drivers said their income is cratering in the wake of coronavirus. – BLOOMBERG NEWS

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