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Spring ahead with these daylight saving apps

The World Clock -- Time Zones app adjusts

The World Clock -- Time Zones app adjusts for time changes in the United States and internationally. Photo Credit: Time and Date

Next Sunday, you are in for a rude awakening. Daylight saving time begins March 11, which means your clocks jump ahead and you fall behind in your sleep. These apps won’t get you back the lost hour, but they may make the transition easier.

Super-Bright LED Flashlight

(Android; free)

Your morning commute to work or school is going to be even more challenging. Moving the clocks ahead means the sun won’t rise anywhere on Long Island until at least 7 a.m. next Monday. A reliable flashlight app might help you find your way. Super-Bright LED Flashlight is the most downloaded flashlight for Android. iOS users can check out Flashlight (free) from developer iHandy, the most popular flashlight for iPhones.

World Clock — Time Zones

(iOS, Android; free)

If your job requires you to deal with people or businesses overseas, be aware not every country recognizes daylight saving time or if it does, it might start on a different date. This app adjusts for time changes not only in the United States but internationally, so that important call you must place next Monday morning to London (which doesn’t start DST until March 25) won’t be made an hour early.


(Android; free)

Moving the clocks ahead also means trying to get to sleep what is actually an hour earlier. Smartphone screens emit something called blue light, which can cause problems getting to sleep. iPhones running iOS 9.3 or later and many newer Android phones have a built-in mode you can access to filter out blue light. But if you have an older Android device, you can use this popular app to reduce exposure to blue light before bedtime.


(iOS, Android; free)

To avoid oversleeping, you might have to call in some forceful backup for your trusty alarm clock. Alarmy, which cheerfully calls itself the “world’s most annoying alarm clock app,” will ensure you wake up. The alarm won’t stop sounding until you perform one of several tasks, ranging from solving a math problem to taking a photo of a part of your home the app recognizes.

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