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Farmingdale math teacher serves up 'Pi Day'

Students from the Maurice J. Tobin School makes

Students from the Maurice J. Tobin School makes a human Pi symbol at the school in Boston. (March, 13, 2007) Photo Credit: AP, 2007

Statistics expert and math teacher Madeline Grillo, who helped produce Farmingdale High School’s statistics and data analysis curriculum, is celebrating Pi Day (3.14 – therefore, March 14) in the classroom Monday, according to a news report. 

Grillo’s approach is to make connections between statistics, real life applications, and career opportunities. 

“Perhaps no one gets more excited than math teacher Madeline Grillo. She’s been praising pi in her classroom in Farmingdale, Long Island, for 17 years,” Metro New York reports.

“The reason to celebrate Pi Day is . . . for the kids to demonstrate how smart they are in ways besides math,” Grillo said, in the report. She gives bonus points for baking, drawing or writing pi. is the official website for March 14.

Pi, the Greek letter π, is used in mathematics to represent the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, or 3.141592+ (it's a never-ending number).


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