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Study: Fonar scanners better at detecting whiplash

Raymond Damadian, president and CEO of FONAR Corporation

Raymond Damadian, president and CEO of FONAR Corporation stands in the new Stand-up MRI machine in 2006. Credit: John Paraskevas

A  new medical study shows that upright  MRI scanners made by Fonar Corp., of Melville, can produce images of whiplash injuries that are undetected by standard magnetic resonance imaging machines, the company said Wednesday.

In standard MRI sessions for patients who complain of  spinal and neck injuries, most machines are configured to have  patients lie down. Fonar’s machines, by contrast, take images of patients in sitting and standing positions.

 "For the first time, definitive anatomic evidence of the injuries sustained by whiplash victims in a motor vehicle accident can be provided” through Fonar’s Upright Multi-Position MRI, the company said  in the Wednesday news release.

"In sum the anatomic origin of the patient's whiplash symptoms was successfully visualized 2.5 times more frequently when the patient was scanned upright in the Fonar Upright Multi-Position MRI than when he/she was scanned lying down in the conventional recumbent-only MRI," Fonar said in a Wednesday news release.

The study appeared in the July issue of "Brain Injury", a peer-reviewed journal, Fonar said.

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