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Survey finds clothing shoppers to be frugal

BOSTON - Female shoppers expect to hold the line or spend less on clothing when shopping in 2010, according to a survey done for an online shopping network.

The Just Wondering survey from the shopping network CheapToday Inc., which specializes in reporting online deals from high profile brands, surveyed online subscribers on buying behavior, attitudes, and trends. It received 301 responses to its questions, according to a report in BusinessWire.

"For respondents planning to spend about the same, many mentioned they intend to remain frugal. For those who plan to spend more, many noted they had been out of work but are now employed and have more disposable income. Those who plan to spend less stated their economic struggles remain in 2010," said CheapToday president and chief executive Chris Hill.

The survey asked subscribers: "With respect to the amount of money you expect to spend on clothing and apparel items in 2010, do you expect to spend more money, about the same amount of money or less money on clothing and apparel items in 2010 than you did in 2009?"

The responses: 41 percent expected to spend the same amount of money, 35 percent responded less money, and 24 percent responded more money.

A follow-up survey asked: "With respect to the amount of clothing and apparel items you expect to buy online compared with in-store in 2010, do you think you will purchase more, about the same, or less clothing and apparel items online in comparison with in-store in 2010 than you did in 2009?"

The responses: 54 percent expect to purchase about the same online, 24 percent expect to purchase more online, and 22 percent expect to purchase less online.

The BusinessWire report included no survey time period or margin of error.

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