Get some relief from Tax Day with these freebies and deals from retailers and restaurants.


Arby's: The sandwich company is giving out free curly fries. Get the coupon here.

Hard Rock Café: With this deal you have to work for your supper but it could be a lot of fun if you have no problem singing in front of an entire restaurant. So brush up on your Bon Jovi and head over to your local Hard Rock Café. Get a free supper for your (probably off-key) singing.

HydroMassage: Who doesn't need a massage on Tax Day? This may be one of the best freebies out there, especially if you had to give a fortune to the taxman. Find a location here. Free IRS urinal screens! Shipping not included. More info, if you really want.

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Office Depot: Destroy those tax forms from the past that you no longer need and give yourself a moment of catharsis. Customers who bring in this coupon will get free shedding for up to 5 lbs of paper.


Boston Market: Two individual meals rotisserie chicken, two homestyle sides and freshly baked cornbread for $10.40. Get it? 1040. Like the tax form. Only tastier.

Pizza Hut: The company also decided it would be clever to name its deal after a tax form. So it went with the 1099: Get a large pizza and three signature sides for $10.99.