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Tech Bytes: Warning on LinkedIn spearphishing scam

Cybercriminals are employing a "spearfishing" scam via LinkedIn,

Cybercriminals are employing a "spearfishing" scam via LinkedIn, the social media site said. Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto/LeoWolfert

Many people are becoming savvier in avoiding phishing attacks by simply ignoring suspicious emails. But criminals are finding new ways to lure victims. Cybersecurity firm eSentire spotted a spearphishing scam on LinkedIn where hackers send fake job offers to specifically targeted members using similar job titles to the one the member has. The bogus job offers contain a malware attachment that could allow cybercriminals to take control of your computer.

Unlike phishing attacks, where hackers send out hundreds of thousands of emails indiscriminately, spearphishing is more insidious because it targets individuals using personal information that makes it more likely the recipient will open the email.


Pencils down

For anyone whose Sunday routine includes solving newspaper crossword puzzles, this may be depressing. The annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament was won by Dr. Fill, who is neither the TV personality nor even a human. Dr. Fill is an artificial intelligence program, and, according to Slate magazine, it beat nearly 1,300 people (including 23 from Long Island), who competed in the tournament. Dr. Fill, however, was not eligible for the $3,000 grand prize. That’s for humans only.


CEOs plan for hybrid workplace

Expect the hybrid workplace, where employees split time working from home and in the office, to be a post-pandemic standard. A Marcum-Hofstra survey found 82% of CEOs will implement a partially remote workforce when the pandemic ends, planning for a combination of remote and in-office work. And 45% of CEOs said if it’s legal, they will require employees to be vaccinated against COVID before they return to the office.


Bitcoin rivals gain crypto market share

Bitcoin’s domination of cryptocurrency market value is declining as its next-biggest rival Ether passed the $3,000 milestone last week. Bitcoin accounts for about 46% of total crypto market value of $2.3 trillion, down from 70% at the start of the year. Other cryptocurrencies have jumped too. Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency started as a joke in 2013 but now a social media favorite, has surged 15,000% in value over the past 12 months.


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