As members of the Class of 2014 toss their mortarboards in the air, it won't be long before the caps and grads both come back down to earth. These apps can help college graduates find their footing in a new world with different tests.


(iOS, Android; free)

In college your Facebook friends were great resources to find a party or a date. But now it's time to graduate to a social network that can help you find a job. With LinkedIn you network with employers, classmates and older alumni from your school to get your resumé, academic achievements and skills noticed. Hint: You probably don't want to use that Facebook cover photo of you playing beer pong on your LinkedIn profile.

Job Search

(iOS, Android; free)

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After you sell your last batch of textbooks, what do you do for money? Yes, it's time to begin the sometimes exhilarating, often exasperating job search. This app may be generically named, but it is powered by, one of the most popular job-search boards on the Web. You can search by job title, location or look for openings in a specific company. Not ready for the full-time grind? Search for part-time and freelance jobs and internships.


(iOS, Android; free)

For newly minted graduates, Mint can put them on the road to financial security -- or at least tell them when their rent is overdue. The easy-to-use app from personal finance giant Intuit helps you set a budget and track checking, savings and credit card accounts. The app can send alerts when a bill is due or your checking account is getting perilously low. Interviews

(iOS; free)

You had all the answers when your professor asked you why your term paper was late, but when you're sitting across the desk from a recruiter, you may find yourself at a loss for words. This specialty app from job-search board serves as a personal coach, offering a list of commonly asked interview questions with guidance on how to best answer them. There is also advice on what follow-ups you need to do after the interview is over.


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Tech bytes


Modern art

Need to class up your Facebook profile page? The Metropolitan Museum of Art has made available more than 400,000 high-resolution images that can be downloaded for free. The museum says the images cannot be used for commercial purposes, but "users may download these files for their own use." To browse the collection, go to tions. -- PETER KING

Spotify security compromised

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Music streaming service Spotify is asking some of its 40 million users to re-enter their passwords and upgrade their Spotify Android app after detecting unauthorized access to its systems and data. Spotify found evidence of attackers accessing just one user's data, which did not include payment or password information, but it is asking other users to update their information as a "general precaution." -- Reuters

New head for Google Glass

Stung by criticism that Google Glass is lacking in style, the tech giant has hired fashion-industry veteran Ivy Ross as chief of the computer eyewear project as it nears a consumer rollout. Ross, who previously held top designer jobs at Calvin Klein and Swatch, said in a blog post she has spent her career "at the intersection of design and marketing."-- PETER KING