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Tech Review: Calendars apps to keep you on track


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Whether you are an Android or iOS user, your device comes with a built-in calendar program. But while these stock apps are useful, they can be boring. These third-party calendar apps can make your day by adding functionality and style.

Timeful (iOS, free)

A combination calendar and to-do list, Timeful syncs with several existing calendars, including Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange and Apple iCal. But its "habit" feature may be most useful. It pushes you to do recurring events that you may find difficult or tedious, for example, exercising. You can set up a private calendar for events you don't want listed on your main calendar. Developers say they are working on an Android version.

Agenda Widget Plus (Android, $1.89)

Not so much a calendar as a sequential listing of events, Agenda Widget Plus accesses your Google calendar to produce a clean, logical log of daily duties and reminders. Several preset templates get you up and running quickly, but for those who like to customize their to-do lists with different colors and type sizes, there are an enormous number of settings and tweaks that can transform the listings to your liking. As its name implies, Agenda Widget Plus is not actually an app but offers widgets in several sizes you place on your home screen.

Sunrise Calendar (iOS, Android; free)

Another app that spices up the boring calendar with style and panache, Sunrise Calendar syncs with your Google Calendar and can also access events on your Facebook page. A nice feature is the ability to call up information from Google Maps to get directions to selected events. You can color-code events in different categories, making it easy to spot and separate personal obligations from business duties. The developers say they are working on versions for iPads and Android tablets.

SolCalendar (Android, free)

Perhaps the most elegantly designed of the Android-only calendar apps, SolCalendar accesses and syncs with your existing Google or Yahoo calendars to present your appointments in daily, weekly and monthly views. It also features beautiful backgrounds, weather information and "stickers" that can make selected events stand out. A South Korean import, SolCalendar is available in several languages.



Netflix raises 4K price

New Netflix subscribers with 4K-capable TVs will pay more to access shows streamed in that ultra-HD format. To access Netflix's 4K offerings, including the popular "House of Cards," new subscribers must sign up for the $12-a-month family plan. Previously, 4K was available on Netflix's standard $9-a-month plan. A Netflix spokesman told Variety that subscribers who signed up before Aug. 12 will still be able to access 4K on their standard tier.
-- Peter King

Qik start

Microsoft has entered the already crowded mobile messenger field with an app that allows users to send videos of 42 seconds or less. Unveiled last week, Skype Qik is video only; it does not send text or photos. Microsoft is positioning Skype Qik as an alternative to popular mobile messengers such as WhatsApp and Snapchat.
-- Peter King

Samsung unveils faster Wi-Fi

Samsung has developed a Wi-Fi technology that can increase data transmission speeds by five times the maximum rate possible with existing consumer electronics devices. The 60 GHz Wi-Fi technology will enable a 1 gigabyte movie to be transferred between devices in less than three seconds. Samsung said commercialization of the technology is expected as early as next year.

-- Bloomberg News


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