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Tech review: Best apps for gamers, according to Google

Shadowgun Legends takes players to beautifully rendered worlds

Shadowgun Legends takes players to beautifully rendered worlds where about 100 missions await.  Credit: Madfinger Games

At Google I/O, the tech giant’s developers’ conference held earlier this month, a panel of judges honored the best apps and games. Here’s a look at four games the judges liked most.

Shadowgun Legends

(iOS, Android; free)

Named most beautiful game, Shadowgun Legends combines a riveting story with superb graphics to deliver an excellent mobile-gaming experience. The game takes you to beautifully rendered worlds where about 100 missions await. The overall goal: Save humanity from an alien invasion. Google I/O judges honored Shadowgun Legends for its artistry, unique visual effects and “creative imagery.”

Tick Tock

(iOS, Android; $2.99)

First, don’t confuse this puzzle game with TikTok, the wildly popular messenger app. In a gaming world dominated by single-player and multiplayer games, Tick Tock is almost unique: It is made for only two players at a time. In the game, you are in a spooky world dominated by clocks. As the clocks tick, the puzzles become harder to solve. Google judges called the game “groundbreaking” for its “innovative application of mobile technology.”

Marvel Strike Force

(iOS, Android; free)

It’s been quite a year for all things Marvel, so why not also take home the prize for best breakthrough game? Befitting a Marvel product, the game is a well-produced cinematic experience with eye-popping graphics and a fun storyline. In the game, you combine the forces of the seemingly endless array of Marvel heroes and villains to save the Earth.


(iOS, Android; free)

This innovative puzzle game didn’t win any top game prizes, but it was a finalist in the best social impact category, which included games and nongame apps. Think!Think! offers brain-training games for kids, and its goal is to entertain children ages 4 and older while honing their “thinking sense.” The game offers a bevy of short puzzles, but Think!Think! limits kids to solving three of them a day so they can learn “sustainably over time.”  

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Dark cloud

Companies moving data to the cloud worry whether their cloud-services provider will keep their information secure. They should be more worried about what happens in their office. Kaspersky Labs says 90 percent of data breaches of cloud-based data occur not because of security lapses with cloud providers but because of email social engineering attacks that target employees, enticing them to click on malware-laden links.


New Google privacy option

Google users soon WILL have the option to automatically delete their location and web browsing histories, a privacy-enhancing feature to remove data about the places they’ve been to, the websites they visit and the apps they use. The new feature lets them remove such information automatically, on a regular schedule, offering a middle ground between Google permanently holding the data and users having to delete it themselves.


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