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Tech Review: Memorial Day Weekend apps

An Apple iPhone 5. Mom and dads can

An Apple iPhone 5. Mom and dads can find educational apps to distract their children. (Sept. 28, 2012) Credit: Getty Images

Memorial Day weekend means many Americans will travel and fire up their grills. While it can be pleasant to celebrate a day without work, we should remember the reason for the holiday. Below are mobile apps for grilling, traveling and, most importantly, honoring the U.S. servicemen and women who have sacrificed their lives.Grill-It!

(iOS, Android, $0.99)

This app features a catchall of grill recipes in categories including beef and lamb, poultry, pork, starters and sides and seafood. Most recipes are advanced and may seem overly ambitious, but there is a category for burgers and dogs. Each recipe comes with an anecdote from the chef who created it and instructions.

US Army News

& Information

(iOS, free)

To fully appreciate all the dedication and training that a soldier undergoes, you should download this free iOS app from the U.S. Army. It's loaded with photos and videos, articles and blog posts on a range of topics. Toward the bottom of the news section, the history and heritage topic showcases stories on the hardships and accomplishments of service.


(iOS, Android, free)

The free, top-rated WeatherBug app is packed with detailed reports, pollen counts and standard hourly and seven-day forecasts and adds a touch of event personalization with its lifestyle forecasts section, helpful for planning outdoor activities. There are loads of mobile weather apps, but WeatherBug provides the perfect storm of useful features and shies away from design gimmicks.

Arlington National

Cemetery, Grave Locator(iOS, Android, free)

Since Memorial Day was created for honoring the soldiers who have fallen while fighting for the country, it may be worth your time to download this app, which uses information provided by the U.S. Army. Developed by Segue Technologies, the app helps locate specific graves at the national cemetery in Virginia by searching for name, birth date and death date. Once the correct memorial is found, a record detail provides the deceased's branch of service, notable dates, headstone images, and directions to the grave site.


(iOS, Android, free)

Although the summer solstice doesn't hit until June 21, long weekends and favorable weather make for great road trips. RoadNinja, powered by social check-in service Foursquare, isn't solely for spontaneous journeys. The startup menu provides three options for travelers: Explore upcoming exits, discover places nearby and search interstate directory. The prospect of discovering nearby gas stations, attractions and restaurants based on GPS is for those with a sense of adventure.

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