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3 new games for the new PS4

"Killzone: Shadow Fall" embraces the trend of developing exciting multiplayer experiences at the detriment of single-player campaigns -- but to a fault. Credit: Handout

With the launch of the PlayStation 4, we can start welcoming in a new generation and standard of video gaming. We're promised stronger graphics, deeper levels of content and hardware that can serve a multitude of purposes outside of just gaming itself. And while there are many who will love all the connectivity and home entertainment possibilities with the PS4, if the games don't measure up, what's the point?

To that end, here's a roundup of three of the top launch-day titles available for those who need to get their PS4 fix on right away.


Genre Action

Publisher Sony

Price $15 (or free if you subscribe to PlayStation Plus)

ESRB Rating E for Everyone

The Verdict Of course, what better way to celebrate new technology than to take a 30-year-old game and redefine it entirely for a new generation? Resogun takes the arcade class Defender and reboots it as a 21st century side-scroller with a frantic pace. Alien ships come at you from numerous directions; the techno-house music beats will keep your auditory senses alive. You may invite carpal tunnel into your life quickly with all the fast-acting movements you have to perform. Anyone who remembers dumping quarter after quarter into an arcade machine will love this game.

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Genre Shooter

Publisher Sony

Price $59.99

ESRB Rating M for Mature

The Verdict As we've learned, more shooter franchises are spending more time developing exciting multiplayer experiences at the detriment of single-player campaigns. Shadow Fall embraces this trend, almost to a fault. The once-great franchise saw better days when it had compelling narrative, and now with a shallow story and expanded competitive modes, it just looks like all the other first-person shooters. Franchise fans will enjoy it, but newbies may be less intrigued.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

GenreV Shooter

Publisher Activision

Price $59.99

ESRB Rating M for Mature

The Verdict I held out reviewing "Ghosts" so I could experience the PS4 version first. The story comes off thin, but I will absolutely vouch for the outstanding setpieces and environments where these dense firefights take place. I wish the characters gave me a little more reason to care, but the co-op mode is fantastic and the tweaks to the multiplayer modes make this an easy recommendation for PS4 owners.

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