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Adero Smart Tags help you keep track of your belongings

Adero's Smart Tags and Taglets may keep you

Adero's Smart Tags and Taglets may keep you from losing your backpack, purse, charger or shaving kit. Credit: TNS

WHAT Adero Smart Tag system

WHAT IT DOES Adero is an Intelligent Organization System that can turn your backpack, purse or any bag into a smart bag, with the goal of never leaving without what you need. 

COST $119.99 for the starter kit of three smart tags and three taglets


WHAT'S HOT The Adero system has Bluetooth-enabled tags that communicate with one another — and you — through an easy-to-use app.
You place a Smart Tag on your bag just like a luggage tag. Then stick the Taglets on your essentials: headphones, diaper bag, chargers, passports or anything else needed on the go.
When you're ready to leave, just press the Smart Tag, and if it lights up green, all its Taglet items are inside, and you're good to go. A red light means something is missing, so check the contents before departing. You log into the Adero app to see exactly what's not packed.
Within the app, schedules can be created with reminders to make sure everything is in your bag. When it's not all there, the app will also tell you that.
With the Smart Tag, you'll know instantly if something is missing without digging through your bag. The tags have internal rechargeable batteries, which are good for about a month before recharging on the included USB charger. The Taglets can't be recharged but reportedly will last up to two years.

WHAT'S NOT The starter kit isn't cheap, but some people don't put a price on peace of mind.

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