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AmigoCase charges your iPhone on the run

Blue cover in AmigoCase opened

Blue cover in AmigoCase opened Photo Credit: Concord Keystone

Remember the days of cell phones the size of your shoe, two-way pagers and huge belt clips for beepers? Well the AmigoCase isn’t as large as some of these relics, but it comes pretty close. Aside from it’s large size, the AmigoCase is a great idea for office professionals that are away from the ability to charge an iPhone for long periods of time.

For a steep $79.99 you’ll get a slim lightweight case and a large clip with internal battery pack. This clip swivels out to slide your iPhone in and slides back to lock. Now if your like me and have had some iffy situations with iPhone cases not living up to protective promises, you’ll have your mind set as ease with the AmigoCase. It locks and stays locked making fumbles a thing of the past.

On the side of the battery clip is a toggle for the charger allowing you to choose whether to charge or just use the clip. I was able to charge my phone fully twice on one charge of the battery clip, which was pretty impressive.

Bottom line, the AmigoCase is a functional battery-charging accessory for iPhone, but is a bit cumbersome to wear. It’s a great mobile charger, but as a fashion accessory it rivals a mobile sports illustrated football phone.

The AmigoCase comes in 2 clip colors (White and Black) and 4 different case colors (Black, White, Blue and Pink).

AmigoCase Official Website


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