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Android App Analysis: Craigsphone



Price: FREE

Producer: Next Mobile Web

The Lowdown: What’s free, simple looking, and killing established classified advertisers everywhere? Craigslist! The king of free classified advertising is great for use on a desktop, but loses its footing in the mobile world. Craigsphone picks up right where it leaves off. Using a Android-like design with dropdown menus, search and posting, Craigsphone makes Craigslist-ing on the go a breeze.

Pros: Where to start? The simple list-style used through the app makes scrolling and getting around easy even for a new user. Listings with pictures show small previews and e-mails to the lister can be made by clicking on the provided e-mail address. Searching is provided by the search button and works as well as the desktop website does. Posting your own ads is a breeze -- especially for the avid user with a Craigslist account. Posting the junk from your garage can be done right from the phone -- no computer necessary.

Cons: The free version of this app displays advertisements (provided by Google) everywhere. They take up, on average, an eighth of the screen and can be a little annoying, especially when scrolling along and accidentally hit it. Pictures can only be seen as large as the portrait display allows, even if the screen is turned to landscape mode. Loading also lags at points, even on WiFi, when scrolling lists.

The Verdict: If you use Craigslist, this is a must-have on the homescreen of your Android. If you’re not even an avid user or never been on Craigslist, the app is worth checking out for the best local deals.

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