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Android App Analysis: Facebook



Price: FREE

Producer: Facebook

The Lowdown: Facebook is the world's largest social network connecting everyone from middle schoolers to World War veterans through an intricate and highly publicized profile system. Facebook's Android app has always lagged behind it's older iPhone brother, but recently received an update that overhauled the look, feel, and functionality of the app.

Pros: The much-needed overhaul brought some great features to Android. A new app home screen now looks exactly like the iPhone version and even has a photo feed at the bottom. Below the photo feed is a great new notification bar that can be either tapped or pulled up to reveal the newest notifications. Contacts can be synced with your phone's through the app and those contacts can be called or e-mailed directly from the app. Events finally found its way onto Android, getting its own dedicated button in this app.

Cons: For all the glory the 1.3 update gave this app, it's still a long way from being the iPhone's equal. The home screen of the app is not editable, like iPhone's, where friends and pages can be added for quicker access. Notifications are quick, but tapping one takes you out of the app and to the Facebook touch-enabled mobile page, a useless and time consuming problem. Topping this off, Facebook Chat is still missing (although some might say that's a good thing).

The Verdict: For the amount of cons, I'm pleasantly happy with this app. Facebook for Android is finally a respectable app that should see more updating in the future. Facebook should find its way on to your Android sooner rather than later.

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