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Android App Analysis: Seesmic



Price: FREE

Producer: Seesmic

The Lowdown: When I say there are a LOT of Twitter clients for Android, I mean it. Seesmic sticks its head out in the front of the bunch with a simplified interface that does Twitter some justice. Feature-packed and silent in the background, Seesmic is the best gateway to Twitter on Android.

Pros: Seesmic keeps it simple. A scroll list of your followed accounts can hold almost as many tweets as you want. Replies and direct messages are supplied on a top tab bar. Images and videos are previewed in any posts they might accompany, and location services for tweets are relatively quick. The settings allow for further customization to suit the updating of the app as you see fit. Seesmic has Google Buzz integration, although I wouldn’t entirely call that a pro, considering the state of that social network. Seesmic even throws in a widget, just for fun.

Cons: Notifications can get a little annoying, simply because you cannot turn off replies you might have seen already before they hit the reply column. Lists are in the app, but are hidden in the menu bar. Adding users to those lists is impossible at this juncture.

The Verdict: As said, Seesmic is still the best client available on Android. With a nice quick way to see tweets as they happen, how anyone can pass up the app with the adorable raccoon icon is beyond me.

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