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Android App Inventor makes programming easy

Android App Inventor

Android App Inventor

Google touts their Android operating system as an open source network  that encourages creative thinking. Sure this openness has produced a ton of useless fart/burp apps, but things are about to get a bit crazier.

The search engine giant announced the pre-release of "App Inventor for Android," a tool to help the regular folk, with ZERO programing knowledge, create apps that run on Android devices.

Here's what Google had to say about their latest creation:

You can build just about any app you can imagine with App Inventor. Often people begin by building games like WhackAMole or games that let you draw funny pictures on your friend’s faces. You can even make use of the phone’s sensors to move a ball through a maze based on tilting the phone.

But app building is not limited to simple games. You can also build apps that inform and educate. You can create a quiz app to help you and your classmates study for a test. With Android’s text-to-speech capabilities, you can even have the phone ask the questions aloud.

To use App Inventor, you do not need to be a developer. App Inventor requires NO programming knowledge. This is because instead of writing code, you visually design the way the app looks and use blocks to specify the app’s behavior.

The app is still in beta testing, and you need to be invited to take it for a spin.

It remains to be seen if this will take off considering the short attention of most, but I forsee alot more flatulence inspired soundboards popping up.

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