Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Anti-fashion trend normcore (think Jerry Seinfeld's look) sweeps social media

From left, Jerry Seinfeld, Bernie Williams, Jason Alexander

From left, Jerry Seinfeld, Bernie Williams, Jason Alexander and Derek Jeter on "Seinfeld" in 1996. Credit: NBC

Time to wear those mom jeans with pride.

A new fashion trend -- or anti-trend, we might say -- has swept social media in recent days: normcore.

Polar fleece zip-ups, roomy stonewashed jeans and spanking-white New Balance sneakers appears to be the look some in the young hipster set are going for. Basically, if Jerry Seinfeld would wear it, it’s normcore.

Thousands of tweets and hundreds of Instagram posts have been devoted to the anti-trend over the past few days.

Among those weighing in is teenage fashion prodigy Tavi Gevinson, who tweeted the following from her verified Twitter account:

After all, normcore is the antithesis of the highly individualistic style that originally landed Gevinson in the limelight as a 12-year-old style blogger. The idea is an embrace of all things decidedly normal as the new cool.

Brands that maintain a solid distance from fashion’s cutting edge showed their sense of humor as they fired off their own tweets on normcore.

“We've been carrying your #normcore staples since 1969,” all-American retailer Gap was quick to point out from its official Twitter feed.

Pleated khakis purveyor Dockers, on the other hand, tweeted that it was too normcore to jump on the social trend.

Even the official Twitter feed of Red Vines licorice had something to say:

As for us, we’re hoping this anti-trend comes with a heaping dose of irony. In the meantime, we advise parents of millennials to keep a close eye on their closets.

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