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Cut the Rope and feed the monster

Cut the rope iPhone app

Cut the rope iPhone app Photo Credit: Slide to Play

Title: Cut the Rope
Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Fun little apps for only 99 cents always draw my attention. Beating Angry Birds for first place on the feature apps for only a small time, I nabbed this little gem and can't stop playing it. The theme is unique and the levels are pretty challenging. You’ll need to fee a little monster in a box candy by; you guessed it, cutting a rope. Each board challenges you to find the best way to collect stars and feed your little monster a piece of candy.

The candy hangs on a rope and abides by all the laws of gravity. Weird concept, but once you start playing, you'll love all of the quirks and complications that go along with trying to collect stars and feed the little bugger. Each board promises another way to move your piece of candy as well as obstacles like spikes, spiders that crawl on your rope trying to eat your candy and more. Give it a go, it’s only a dollar.

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