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APPetizers: Apps Gone Free finds freebies

Apps Gone Free is an app that each

Apps Gone Free is an app that each day lists a selection of apps that temporarily are offered gratis. Credit: Handout

NAME Apps Gone Free

WHAT An aggregator of apps that are free for a day or a limited time period.


COMPATIBLE WITH iPhone, iPod touch and iPad; requires IOS 5.0 or later

WHAT'S GOOD An offshoot of, a website well worth investigating, Apps Gone Free each day lists a selection of apps that temporarily are offered gratis to "try to stimulate excitement." Some are one-day specials, others are free for a limited time. Apps Gone Free claims the list is "human curated" to ensure the apps are worth owning. While we can't be sure you'll find every app a winner, we have found many games, productivity and educational apps worthy of being in our library.

Apps are presented by the date they first appeared on Apps Gone Free in descending order. Each app includes its name, iTunes star rating, platform it is suited for, a description and how long it will remain free. There is a strike-through on the price of apps that are still free, while apps no longer free say expired. Newcomers may want to go back a month, since some older limited time offers may still be available.

WHAT'S NOT You snooze, you lose -- because many apps are one-day-only specials, you must check Apps Gone Free every day or risk not getting in on a good deal. Since the free period for limited-time bargains varies, sometimes apps are not marked "expired" when they should be.

BOTTOM LINE If you love apps and bargains, you must download Apps Gone Free.

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