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Appetizers: Reel Fishing Pocket

The Reel Fishing Pocket app opens right into

The Reel Fishing Pocket app opens right into gameplay without a tutorial stage. Credit: Handout

WHAT Simulated fishing with realistic graphics and sounds for the novice or pro outdoorsman.


COMPATIBLE WITH iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

WHAT'S GOOD My experience with catching fish is limited to flipping them onto a plate. So trying Natsume's first mobile version of its longtime console and handheld title was not exactly in my wheelhouse, and I approached it with some trepidation. The good news is, you don't have to be an actual fisherman to be a virtual one. The graphics are realistic enough that after my first catch, watching my prize flop around was a bit unsettling. The sounds add to the ambience, from the lapping water to the casting of the line. The game has more than 30 missions and challenges. As you advance, the choice of tackle and fish species increases. I lost more fish than I caught during the early stages, when I would try to reel in my line so frantically that it left me practically breathless. But it didn't take long to learn how to finesse my bait to lure the fish or to relax while reeling them in. Success led not only to satisfaction, but to an increasing addiction to continue playing.

WHAT'S NOT The game opens right into play. Being unfamiliar with the other platforms, I would have preferred a tutorial stage, where casting and reeling were demonstrated and practiced, instead of having to read about them in the help menu.

BOTTOM LINE You'll be so proud of your catch, you'll regret you can't bring it into the kitchen and prepare it for dinner.

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