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APPetizers: Turn cell shots into postcards


Postcard apps are getting better. Many send real postcards from smartphone images; with Postcard on the Run, though, postcards are created so quickly that you can spend more time taking the ideal photo.

Don't sweat it if you don't have a person's mailing address. Postcard on the Run will request the address for you with an automated email or text to the contact on your phone. You can send your custom-designed postcard -- with your signature -- to more than one recipient at once. The process is quick and painless -- and even more so if you use PayPal to check out.

We like the idea of having an optional GPS mini-map on the back of the postcard, but this feature didn't work when we were ordering our card. Instead of a map, our only option was an image from a local theme park.

Even though there are lots of other postcard apps, we like this one because the process is quicker, and there are fewer fields to fill out when paying.


AVAILABLE FOR Android and iPhone, the app is free, but mailing the postcards starts at $1.50

DESCRIPTION Helps you turn smartphone camera images into real postcards that can be sent anywhere in the world.

BOTTOM LINE Nice and quick

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