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Appetizers: YouCam Makeup by CyberLink

The YouCam Makeup app helps you put on

The YouCam Makeup app helps you put on a pretty face as it helps you choose lipstick, eye shadow, mascara and more. Credit: YouCam Makeup

NAME YouCam Makeup by CyberLink

WHAT A real-time virtual makeup kit


COMPATIBLE WITH iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (requires iOS 7.0 or later), Android (requires 4.0 or later)

WHAT'S GOOD You've put on your makeup, except for your lipstick. What color should you wear? With YouCam Makeup's cam feature, you can try color after color in real time. We remember the original computer makeup apps, so we can appreciate how far YouCam Makeup has come. No more do you have to click on a photograph to indicate where your eyes, nose and mouth are. The smart facial detection senses features and shapes with accuracy, putting cosmetic and hairstyle overlays where they belong. This is most impressive when you use the live cam feature. The app's sensors put and keep lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner and blush in the right places, even if you move, pout or make silly faces. You can perfect your look live and then take a photo of it, or work with a photo from the start. Enhance eye and hair colors, nose and facial shapes, try a painless eye lift or accessorize with jewelry, headbands and more. Other features include beauty tip videos and Beauty Circle, a community where you can share looks and news with others.

WHAT'S NOT The app froze every time we tried to access the eyewear section, and we lost all unsaved enhancements. You're on your own matching real makeup with the choices you make in the app, as no product names or colors are given (which is not a totally bad thing).

BOTTOM LINE If you wear makeup, download this app.

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