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Apple iPad to be released April 3

Apple's iPad is set to be released April

Apple's iPad is set to be released April 3.

Apple's New iPad is schedule for release on April 3rd. You think all us tech geeks would be excited for this release, yet it still has people skeptical on the functionality. One of the most talked about issues with the iPad is the inability to multitask as you would on a regular Mac or PC.

The iPad is pretty much like a Zack Morris iPhone but with some added animations and transitions not seen on the iPhone. One of the best features of Apple's flagship device is its eReading functionality and the sheer size of the screen for Apps.

Me personally, I can't wait to get my hands on one just for video and playing apps. Although, as many other people, I would like to open Safari and be able to work on multiple tabs and surf a tone of web pages. But with software being updated all the time, I'm certain that this is definitely in the pipe line for future enhancements.

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