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Are you strapped to media?

Strapped to Media

Strapped to Media Credit: iStock Photo stock image

Media is our vice. We are all strapped to it and bombarded by it on a daily basis. Whether we watch TV every night, update our Facebook wall via our mobile phone or just visit a website. You name it, media is anywhere and everywhere. We cast our lives online, rush home for a new season of "Entourage" or play video games all night long. We are media junkies, strapped to it like never before in history. Media gives me a career, so I’m all for it. But do we really need to be so media centric?

In my travels to a couple different countries, I haven't seen another place as focused on entertainment and media as the United States. Movie stars are the highest-paid people in our culture, not doctors or scientists, which is seemingly odd. In media’s defense, when you look at your day to day life, you’ll notice how much your life revolves around entertainment. The more money that is made of people clicking an ad or paying 12 bucks for a movie, the more those overpaid stars and entertainment companies get. Don’t get me wrong here, I love technology but I think we need to take the time to disconnect more.

Put your phone down, don’t update your status today, or shut off that TV for a night and just talk to someone face to face. We so easily fall into the outlets and social easements that many companies exploit everyday, why not fight the man and un-strap yourself once in a while. Life tends to slow down a bit when you take yourself away from all of what technology and media has provided for us.

Media advertising works. They taunt you to click, explore and buy. They put ads in video games, in your iPhone apps, over your videos, and who know where else. As time progresses, more and more advertisers are finding new and unique ways to advertise. Although not all are are bad and can be useful, most are misleading or obtrusive. So I say fight the man, turn off your phone, get off facebook for 10 minutes and try something more basic. Plain old conversation with no bells and whistles.


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