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Batman goes high tech with smartwatch and tracker

Make and answer phone calls with the Batman

Make and answer phone calls with the Batman Smartwatch from One61 Studio. Credit: One61 Studio

Holy Caped Crusader! Batman has gone high-tech!

If you already have a collection of Batman comics, figurines and other paraphernalia, The One61 Batman Smartwatch ($124.99, is meant for you. The smartwatch runs on its own proprietary operating system, so there is no app store to buy additional apps, but it will work with both iOS and Android phones. The smartwatch offers five different faces, including the Bat Signal that shows the current time.

Each smartwatch offers fans a “gamified” experience, where getting up, moving around and meeting step goals unlock superhero content. In keeping with the superhero theme, instead of a step counter, the Batman Smartwatch calls it Crime Fighting. If you reach a step goal, your reward is a five-second video clip of Adam West’s Batman punching the Joker. The periodic notification to get up and stretch your legs is called the Patrol Reminder.

There are plenty of more traditional smartwatch features, like a stopwatch and timer. Alarms have different snippets of sound from the 1960s Batman TV show.

Once you sync the smartwatch to your phone, you can access your contacts, call logs, notifications and even make and answer calls. The smartwatch has a music controller to let you choose what plays on your phone and a camera controller to let the watch act as a remote shutter button to snap a photo. A Voice Assistant button lets you interact with Siri from the watch.

If you need the help of a superhero to remember where you left your wallet or cellphone, the Batman series 2 Bluetooth tracker from Foundmi ($25, is one of dozens of character trackers the company makes. You’ll need to download the free Foundmi app for iOS or Android to get started.

Once you get the app and pair the tracker, you can use your phone to find the tracker, from up to 100 feet away (although walls and other obstructions will cut down on the range). You can also use your tracker to find your phone.

If you become separated from your tracker and you are out of Bluetooth range, you will be able to see its last known location on a map in the app.

Finally, the button on the tracker can be used to trigger your phone’s selfie camera, which can come in handy. The tracker comes with a user-replaceable CR2032 battery that should last for six months.

And there’s one more cool feature: Having Batman on your keychain is sure to attract attention from your friends and co-workers.

— The Dallas Morning News (TNS)

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