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Battleheart 'toons up for action

Mika Mobile's Battleheart App

Mika Mobile's Battleheart App Credit: Mika Mobile

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG Action
Platform: iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad

Playing with cartoon bobblehead fantasy characters has never been so much fun. The cartoony style of this game might discourage hardcore gamers but contrary to its style, this is a sophisticated real -ime strategy game.

Think of it as Final Fantasy with  battles. You’ll have the ability to control a party of up to 4 different characters to defeat your 'tooned up foes. Each class of character has its own special set of abilities to "level-up" to based on experience. Fights are intense and promise to give you a run for your money.

Battleheart promises great controls, polished battle logistics and a fun leveling system. A bit steep at $2.99 but oh-so worth it. 

Battleheart Gameplay

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