Platform: XBOX, PS3
Genre: Action

If you’re a fan of the Devils May Cry series get ready for the next installment from Hideki Kamiya. Bayonetta is probably one of the weirdest games I’ve ever experienced, but it will not disappoint. With great control mechanics, advanced difficulty and CGI babe-ness, this game will keep you heart pumping.

Getting most of it's influence from Devils May Cry, the action is non-stop. Fight troves of angels and demons on intricate, dynamic landscapes. Game play can get hectic at times, which tends to distract and make the game a bit choppy. Players can choose from a large onslaught of weapons and special attacks that range from eerie to just plain strange.

As a big fan of action games, this one for me, is a bit too far off the deep end, if you can get past all of the strangeness that comes along with the plot, Bayonetta packs a punch and is at least worth a at least a demo.

Demo is available for download on PS3 and XBOX live.

Bayonetta Trailer

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