How much of your body is your own? According to BBC Earth, our bodies contain elements with commercial value, megabytes of data and trillions of cells, most of which aren’t our own. They’ve set up “The Making of Me and You” (, where you enter your date of birth, gender, height and weight to find out your body specifics.

Through the site’s use of bold, easy-to-understand graphics, you will discover the chemical ingredients in your makeup, their worth and what can be made with them. (I’m worth $2,224, while, according to BBC Earth, Bill Gates’ comes in at a paltry $1,956, plus there’s enough phosphorus in me to make 4.2 million matches.)

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You’ll also learn how many atoms you are made of; how many fat, blood, skin and brain cells you have; how much genetic data is inside you; how many microbes live on your body (100 trillion — ick!); the size and weight of your internal organs; the longevity of the different types of cells in your body (sadly, fat cells live a long time); and how many times you have blinked, breathed, yawned and more.

A disclaimer states: “Please note that the results above reflect the information you have entered and do not take into account your specific genes, environment and lifestyle.” Still, the site is amusingly informative, and you can share your results on social media.