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Wii Ware: World of Goo

World of Goo

World of Goo Photo Credit: Gamespot

Wii Ware: World of Goo
Platform: Wii, PC

I’m a bit behind the times in writing about this brilliant manifestation of puzzle gaming, but I’m a big fan of challenging games and felt obligated to spread the Goo. If you haven’t played this game yet definitely give it a go.

With an absence of good downloadable Wii ware games, World of Goo stands out as a must have on anyone’s Wii dashboard. The basic concept is to transverse a set distance by placing balls of goo in succession to each other to reach a vacuum pipe that will suck in your remaining goo. Playing with boogers has never been so much fun. The fewer moves you make, the better the score. Battle the laws of physics and acts of Mother Nature to strategically get your goo to your destination.

If you think this concept seems dull, you would be sadly mistaken. With an abundance of types of goo merged with cartoony visuals and zany tasks, World of Goo will keep you hooked.

You too can Goo for about $15.00. Available on PC and Wii Ware, this game is a steal.

World of Goo Trailer

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