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Breach fails to breach any new ground

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Screengrab from " Breach" by Atomic Games . Photo Credit: Atomic Games/

Breach, the latest addition to the catalog of military-themed shooters, offers features gamers have come to expect: First-person shooter. Military scenarios. Varying terrain and maps. Team-based multiplayer mode. Upgradable weapons.

Most gamers could rattle off a dozen or more worthwhile military-themed titles. But compared with those, Breach requires too much time for too little reward. The game takes far too long to unlock and upgrade weapons and equipment, leaving players wondering if they'll ever get something as simple as a nicer scope or a fancier grenade.

Breach is available on Xbox Live Arcade and for the PC, and it's strictly team-based, much like MAG was for the PlayStation 3 last year. The game play ranges from your typical death-match modes to more interesting scenarios like Convoy, where one side must traverse a heavily guarded route.

Convoy and another scenario called Infiltration are by far the best modes to compete in. They capitalize on the maps and avoid the typical pitfalls that other multiplayer games sometimes have (like bunching up and repetitive shootouts with no strategy).

Breach features several worthy elements, but it fails to stand out in a crowded field.

RATING T for Teen

PLOT Once more unto the Breach

DETAILS Xbox Live Arcade, PC; $20


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