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Cablevision announces PC to TV service to roll out in June

Cablevision Systems Corp. on Wednesday announced plans to offer what it called a "new, first-of-its-kind service" letting digital cable customers relay what's on their computer screens to their TV screens.

The service will be rolled out in June on a trial basis.

Cablevision has dubbed the service "PC to TV Media Relay." It said customers will be able to make the relays from the home computer "to their television in real-time, without any additional equipment in the home, using only the company's advanced fiber-rich network."

"With our PC to TV Media Relay service, we are putting an end to the need for families to huddle around their laptops or PCs to watch content together," Tom Rutledge, Cablevision's chief operating officer, said in a news release. Cablevision owns Newsday.

No further information was immediately available Wednesday on which customers will take part in the June trial, or whether there will be an added cost for the service. The relay service for Mac computers is also in development, the company said.

Once the relay reaches the TV, the data will be viewable on a "dedicated channel" only within the household of the particular customer who made the transfer.

"This new service will make it easy for our television customers to take broadband services including Internet video, as well as family photos or anything else displayed on a computer screen and move it to the television with the click of the mouse," Rutledge said.

The company gave specific examples of the kind of content that consumers view on their that will be viewable on their televisions:

Photos, home videos and music

Internet streaming video and radio

Some productivity applications including e-mail, documents and spreadsheets

Widgets and other desktop applications

Customers won't need to change TV settings or buy new equipment, but only need a onetime software download. The service will work for handheld devices connected to in-home wireless networks, Cablevision said.

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