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Can MySpace make a comeback?

Myspace settled a privacy investigation by the Federal

Myspace settled a privacy investigation by the Federal Trade Commission and agreed to submit to privacy audits over the next 20 years. (May 09, 2012) Photo Credit: Handout

Other than being the butt of jokes, MySpace didn't make much noise for several years as Facebook, Twitter and other social networks stormed past it. That hasn't deterred Tom and Co. from trying to make a comeback. "My____," as it has (kind of) been rebilled, was relaunched Wednesday as an entertainment-intensive website for a younger target demographic (MySpace says it's 13 to 35; others argue it's more like 13 to 18). From the screenshots, it seems like YouTube meets PureVolume meets iTunes. I tend to agree with Jared Newman of Technologizer; the limited appeal of the new design may ultimately lead to its complete demise. -- via PC World

Arkansas school board member posts anti-gay rant on Facebook

- Clint McCance, vice president of the Midland School District, insinuated that he wanted gays to commit suicide, he would disown his children if they were gay, and used offensive language aimed toward the gay population. His comments were made in response to the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation sponsoring a bully awareness campaign. -- via CNN

LIRR, Starbucks, other Long Island hot spots vulnerable to Firesheep

- Warp Pipe's Jose Moreno has blogged extensively about Firesheep, a "hacking for dummies" tool released Monday with sky-high download numbers. The Firefox plug-in allows the user to access the social networks, e-mail and other nonsecure accounts of people accessing the Internet in Wi-Fi networks. Many local hotspots are open to the malicious tool. There are (some) ways to stop it. -- via Newsday

And the most reliable social network is ... :

- AlertSite released the rankings for the fastest and the most reliable social-networking sites. Facebook leads in speed, with an average load time of one second. LinkedIn leads in reliability, though, up 99.97 percent of the time. Facebook finished fourth at 99.76 percent. -- via PC World

Tumblr-size your WordPress

- One of the reasons Tumblr, a blogging platform, has caught steam in 2010 is because of its display options. Users can easily customize their website's look using a variety of free -- or premium -- designs. WooThemes is trying to bring that functionality to WordPress. -- via Mashable

Let the Windows Phone hating begin!

- Although CNET's Bonnie Cha says that "Microsoft got a lot of things right with Windows Phone 7," there were five things she didn't like. Problems ranged from "limited social integration" to a reliance on Zune software. Worth reading if you're considering investing in the phone down the line. -- via CNET

Yahoo mail gets social

- In addition to revamping its e-mail service, Yahoo has integrated Facebook and Twitter into its user interface. When users access their mailbox, they can now seamlessly post updates to Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo from one "share" box. -- via The Tech Herald

New "mayor" of the International Space Station

- An astronaut checked in last Friday using foursquare. From outer space. Astronaut Douglas Wheelock even unlocked a badge in the process; "NASA Explorer." It's no moon landing, but it's pretty cool. -- via CNN

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