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Chillingo: Puzzles, platforming — zombies?

Screenshot Rope Rescue

Screenshot Rope Rescue Photo Credit: Chillingo

Developers Chillingo and EA recently rolled out their newest line of mobile games for the iPad, iPhone and iTouch, and there happened to be some interesting titles among the pack. Here’s a little something on each one, along with my initial impressions:

Rope Rescue

Rope Rescue is a puzzle game that may seem similar to fans of Angry Birds. Players use their bird to string together a set of moving wheels in order to rescue a fellow bird from captivity. While some may dismiss the game as an Angry Birds knockoff, Rope Rescue has some genuinely creative levels that are sure to interest puzzle game fans when it releases.


Nyx’s Quest

Nyx’s Quest is a Greek mythology themed platformer in which players use the power of the iPad’s touch-screen to manipulate objects in the environment to make them navigable for Nyx, the game’s heroine. Aside from the interesting touch-screen mechanic and colorful cell-shaded graphics, there wasn’t much separating Nyx’s Quest from the dozens of other platformers available on the iPad.


Pollen Count

The first thing I noticed about Pollen Count was the gorgeous backgrounds that are displayed for each level. I’ve never seen an iPad game look this good, and it’s definitely clear that developer Chillingo put a lot of effort into making this game look good. The gameplay itself is mostly uninteresting, with players drawing lines from bees to flowers in order to get them to collect pollen.

However, the game does make up for its so-so gameplay with additional modes such as a flying mode that uses the iPad’s tilt controls, as well as a bonus “Zombee” mode, in which players have to avoid zombie bees that try to infect your hive. The game also offers two-player co-op on a single iPad, which is a nice inclusion. Pollen count might be worth your time for the sheer amount of content it offers- and if you get bored of the gameplay, you can always just stare at the gorgeous backgrounds.


Dream Track Nation

Players of Line Rider will instantly recognize this game for its wacky vehicle physics and cartoonish graphics. Players steer their driver through a series of ridiculous gravity-defying stages in order to reach the finish line. By tilting the iPad left and right, players control the angle and positioning of their vehicle as they speed through increasingly strange courses. I found this game to be fun, and would even consider picking it up for myself.



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